Worded out

Rainy day joy

It was raining, so I just took a step back and took out the watercolors – just for me. I needed a little relaxing after my son’s German homework (we are both taking a break now). Sometimes staying calm through all the complaining and arguing is so exhausting, but I did it and he even finished the story he had to write (he hates writing even in English with all his heart). I am going to be back with more words and comments but am all worded out for today.


12 thoughts on “Worded out”

  1. Gorgeous – art is a great way to channel emotions and also is just inherently joyful to me.
    And getting kids through homework responsibilities is NO JOKE! Good work staying calm. I know it’s not always easy for fun for anyone involved!

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  2. I love this, Meike. Like I said in one of my first NaBloPoMo posts, not every post has to be an elaborate piece of writing . Thanks for sharing your art with us! I haven’t used watercolors in forever!

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  3. Oh, what a lovely way to stop using words for a while, and “just” express yourself. I love that you have this outlet open to you – thank you for sharing!


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