Hit pause

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. You can read more about it on San’s blog the in between is mine. #nablopomo2022

After the last three days on the road we had a lovely relaxed day ay our friends house. It’s so nice to see them again after such a long time (it’s been a year).

In the morning I made pancakes for the kids. Isn’t it disorienting to operate in a strange to you kitchen? In vacation rentals I feel usually fine since they are mostly sparely equipped that it’s easy to find the things you need. This is a living kitchen as they really like to cook.

I played the game Carcasonne with my son for a bit to get him off the computer. It was a good learning experience, too since he won in the end after whining sometime in the middle that he would surely loose. We really should do that more often. I always liked board games but my husband does not so it’s never everyone. Can your family agree on this or are you divided?

In the afternoon I took the kids ice skating. It was a small rink at a mall outside and felt really festive. Of course they already have Christmas decorations up everywhere. I keep wondering if that was like that all these years of if that is a recent thing? It still feels early days. We had fun but the skates were not the best and now I have a scrape on my ankle.

We went shoe shopping after. It was time for a new pair of crocs for my son. If you look closely at the box we brought back you will find that those were not the only shoes that came home with us.

The boxes were very much appreciated by the resident cat. So I will leave you with a cute cat picture.


12 thoughts on “Hit pause”

  1. I always feel strange cooking in someone else’s kitchen but not a rental, like you say!
    Pancakes – yummy. And that cat looks so cuddly and warm! I wish he/she were sitting on my feet right now as it would make them toasty and warm 🙂

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  2. I know when I was growing up, Christmas really didn’t start until after Thanksgiving. My sister remembers how, after Thanksgiving dinner we would be watching TV and the FIRST CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL OF THE SEASON would come on, and how excited we would be. I’m not sure when it got earlier and earlier- but I’m not surprised at all the ice rink was decorated for Christmas.
    Sounds like you had a fun and relaxing day!

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  3. KITTY! They do love some boxes, don’t they?
    My husband doesn’t like board games as much as I do, but he will occasionally play one with me. I love hosting game night at our house where everyone brings their favorite game, too. It’s a nice way to get people together without having to do a ton of prep work.

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  4. We love board games in our family! We do a family game night a few times a month and it’s my favorite thing. I could play board games forever!

    You packed a lot into your first day in town! It looks very festive. 🙂

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  5. I’m with your husband – not a fan of board games, sorry! but glad you had a FUN and relaxing day in Vegas. And yes, cooking in other peoples’ kitchens is hard.

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