Las Vegas – Red Rock Canyon

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. You can read more about it on San’s blog the in between is mine. #nablopomo2022

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday!? In anticipation of the big Thanksgiving meal we took the kids on a short ‘walk’ to work up an appetite. Calling anything a hike is always a gamble and will trigger a string of complaints but we have been in the same spot before. Apparently a hike is anything above 2 miles according to my son and just too much effort (that does not mean we don’t do it anyway, we just deal with the complaints for half an hour and after that it suddenly subsides and everyone is having a good time).

Our friends live really close to Red Rock Canyon which is a State Park right next to Las Vegas. It features a scenic drive and beautiful hikes. We parked the car at the Calico Basin parking lot and walked up to the big red rock formations you see from there. We did the same walk/hike before but in a loop. Since we did not have as much time until the turkey was ready, we just went a little up the hill and then turned around.

There were a lot of rock climbers to watch what was really fun. We are not climbers but made our way up the hill what involves climbing over quite a few boulders. Ther are also plenty of different rock patterns to observe.

I did not get as far up as the rest of my family because I got a little dizzy. The air in Las Vegas is very dry and that combined with the altitude was a little much that day. The view was beautiful nonetheless. On the left in the distance you can see a little of the Las Vegas strip.

I am happy to report everyone made it back home without injuries. It was interesting to watch the other hikers climbing up while I was waiting for the others to come back down the hill. There was a family with two little kids and the expression on the mom’s face was exactly how I must look like watching my kids climb up a rockface (terrified and nervous). There was a couple where the woman was grumbling about ‘just a short Thanksgiving hike’. It all sounded very familiar (my husband has a reputation for coming up with interesting ‘short cuts’).

This is Las Vegas, too. It’s not all the strip with its casinos and glitter.


11 thoughts on “Las Vegas – Red Rock Canyon”

  1. I know all about “interesting shortcuts”!
    What beautiful topography. And I LOVE spending time outside in nature before a big celebration. It’s nice to work up an appetite and I think it also makes everyone feel more settled and relaxed once we get home. The last few years we go on a little outing on Christmas Day and I have LOVED this. It is quite chilly at this time of year, but we make the most of it and it really does make everything feel a bit less stuffy and “blah” after a big meal/presents.

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    1. Being outside is almost always a good idea. I have a great picture from the kids last year on our Christmas trip to Germany. There was no snow but it was so cold that everything was white. We did not last very long outside but it was a good walk anyway.


  2. This is actually the part I love about Las Vegas. I would have loved to go on this hike! But I had to laugh a little bit… all teenagers are the same. We did a lot of hiking this summer when my family was here and the kids always complained about “hiking”, but then always ended up having a great time and really enjoying the views and everything. It’s so funny. It’s like it “built into teenagers” that they have to complain first 😉

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  3. Beautiful! I will say that my favorite hikes are wooded, where I am not exposed to all of that sunshine. But a November hike where it isn’t hot, I could enjoy outside of Vegas. I’ve only been to Vegas twice, once for work, and once a million point 5 years ago with my then boyfriend (now husband). We did some camping in Southern Utah, so happily on that trip we did see more than just the strip.

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    1. The parks in Utah are so beautiful. We did a trip there before kids and I loved it.
      Honestly I would never have thought I would like the desert but somehow it has something very calming (as long as the temperature is not too warm).


  4. I love this! What a beautiful area- I want to hike there, but without kids (ha ha.) I like all the pictures, but the one where you can see the strip in the distance is so cool- two contrasting worlds so close together. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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  5. Teenagers. 🙂 Always fun to hear them grumble, then shift to enjoying the activity. If you can tolerate the whining, you can all have fun! (I feel most for the parents, of course…)

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