Merry, merry


I can’t believe how time flew by and now we already have December 24. The plan is to go on a short walk and then tonight we will sit down for our Christmas Eve dinner (German sausages and potato salad), 4 candles burning before we sit in front of the Christmas tree to unwrap presents. Did you know that in Germany you do the presents on the 24th instead of the 25th? There is no Santa coming down the chimney and no socks on the mantle – oh wait, we do have the socks on the mantle. I guess that’s what happens if you mix up the traditions.

Earlier this month I received my package from the Secret Santa Mug Swap that San from the in between is mine organized. I like little surprises so much and mug I received from @thecarolinaetc is so pretty, don’t you think?

World Market haul

To make our Christmas dinner I took the 30 minute trip to our closest World Market in the area. Regular hot dog sausages just won’t do for Christmas. Our local market which carried German products closed recently because the owners retired so longer car drive it was. The kids had fun, too I think since I asked them to pick the sweets. Pico Balla Haribo are our favorite. I was crying a little inside about the prices ($10 for a glass of sausage) but if it tastes a little like home that’s what it is. My son even found a present for his big sister: a magnetic hourglass what he thought was really cool (and I think she will, too).

GIngerbread honey cookies

Instead of writing blog posts I spend quite some time recently making cookies. We made our traditional gingerbread honey cookies twice because the first badge was finished in no time. Since cookie time is over I will save the recipe for next year and share it then but I am so happy I finally found a good recipe that will make your own gingerbread spice (in Germany they sell premixed spice packets for this and a lot of recipes ask for it).

I also made cinnamon stars, San’s Vanillekipferl, black and white cookies and another almod type cookie. We also made marzipan potatoes (no potato involved just powdered sugar and almond flower and cocoa powder mostly) which are not pictured. This morning I put a plate of our goodies together for everyone to enjoy throughout the day. I think we are ready for the holidays to come and I will make note of a couple future blog post ideas.

I wish you a very merry Christmas if you happen to celebrate and to everyone else: I hope you will enjoy a couple quiet days that will leave you refreshed for the days to come.


15 thoughts on “Merry, merry”

  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I know there are many cultures that do presents on Christmas Eve- what do you do on Christmas Day then? IS it a day for relaxation, or family gatherings? I’m curious.
    Your cookies look delicious, and that cookie plate looks very festive. I also make gingerbread cookies, and I make a “cinnamon roll” cookie that looks like your swirled one. I disagree that cookie time is over though- I’m still going to bake a couple batches this week!

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    1. On the 25th we just hang out and relax – if we are in Germany with family. In Germany even the 26th is a holiday (2nd day of Christmas). It gives you an extra day to visit family – if there are grandparents each gets their own day.
      Hmmm, cinnamon roll cookies sound great. Somehow I mostly bake before the holidays. But you are totally right, why not extend the cookie baking time.


  2. Your cookies look amazing, and that IS a very pretty mug. We open one gift before bed on Christmas Eve, and the rest on Christmas morning. I hope, now that the holiday is over, that you are enjoying some peaceful down time. And I agree, $10 is absolutely not too much to have something that tastes like home!

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  3. What a beautiful mug! I love it. I’m glad you got a lot of great goodies from your Mug Swap partner. 🙂

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and it was relaxing and satisfying for everyone involved!

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    1. I did not bake cookies the previous year for whatever reason (I even don’t know anymore why). But if it’s too much something just gotta give. I would not mind the German supermarket cookie collection 😉


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