Resolve to always be resolving

‘Resolve to always be resolving.’ That was a suggestion in the New York Times newsletter Saturday morning. It talked about how lots of people make new years resolutions and then break them by February and it said all the things that I am feeling about this topic. If you want to start a new habit, live healthier, sleep more, any year of the day is as good as New Years to start. I did not make a single resolution, did not find a word of the year, did not make any concrete plans as of yet other than going to my dad’s 80th birthday party in March. Flight is booked and everything else will come in the coming weeks. I always in awe of everyone who comes up with all the ways they want to better themselves, all the goals they set for themselves for the year to come. It’s not for me this year.

During the break I started running again – outside when it’s not raining in the gym when it is. I do feel much better with the exercise in my life. I get antsy when I don’t but it gets harder to fit it in with the kids back in school, with long work days, pick-ups, etc. I am not a fast runner, don’t run long distances either but I enjoy it. We will see how long I can keep it up.

All this reading about goal lists made me question my approach a little but I think I finally settled and am more content with my decision to let the year just come. Last year I had our Resident’s Day week all nicely planned out and was about to head home on Friday to go home and pack suitcases when I got the call from school that one of my kids was not feeling well. Sure enough it was covid and we had to stay home that week instead of going on an adventure. Luckily covid did not hit to hard and we had a quite week. Since then, I started letting things just happen more because I am always weary that something might come up that leads to disappointment. Of course I still plan a little – flights to Germany for the summer have to be book ahead of time so that they don’t get too expensive, summer camps, hotel rooms, but I make sure I am able to cancel and leave it up in the air mentally.

Christmas is officially over in our house. I usually keep the tree up until January 6th and put everything away the weekend after what I did yesterday. I only left the snowflakes on the windows. It makes it feel still a little festive and helps me ease into the next season.
Today the outside lights got put away as well, since we had a break from the rain. Oh, the rain, there is so much of it this year. I can’t really complain since we had no leaks, no flooding in the area, had not to evacuate unlike others in our community. The only thing happening to us was that we had power outages twice already caused by the rain and storm. If the electricity poles are any indication, I am not overly surprised. The jumble of wires and the ‘quality’ of the set-up, surprises me every time I have a closer look. Our friends lost power during a party once because the tree across the street grew around a power line and cut it off. I saw lines which still had parts of tree branches attached after the tree was already gone for years, have seen poles which were reinforced by planks because there were cracks. Because faulty lines caused some of the big California fires they finally started putting the lines underground. Hopefully it will also fix some of the other issues. It’s a little annoying to always expect a power outage when it’s a little windy outside (because of the fire danger in the summer and because of the rain in the winter). Is this something normal in the US? I don’t think I ever knew this before moving here. In Germany power lines are mostly underground for a long time now. When I was in elementary school I remember we had to pay attention when flying kites. because of power lines on fields everywhere. Over time they just disappeared (or I was to young to conciously hear about it). Can’t say I ever missed them.


12 thoughts on “Resolve to always be resolving”

  1. I’m with you on resolutions. I am more of a let things happen person, most of the time. I had a LOT of fun planning my trip to France last year, figuring out what things we wanted to do and so on. At the same time, I kind of wish we had had a bit more unscheduled time.

    Regarding the power lines in California, I have heard that one reason they are not underground is because of earthquakes. Who knows whether that is true or not.

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  2. For trips, I HATE the planning stage. I always find it so overwhelming, especially if I’m visiting a new place. One of my dreams is to have a vacation completely planned out for me – like I say what I want to do and someone else figures out all the logistics!

    That said, it’s always worth the effort!


    1. It sounds like we are complete opposites on this then 😉 It gives me especially great satisfaction if everyone is happy with the choices I made (what was the case with our last road trip). I may become a travel planner in my next life. That being said, I do hate the planning of camping trips (and the aftermath) because there is way more organizing involved (and laundry to do after).


      1. I like the impact of all the planning – a fun trip – but I get so easily overwhelmed with the decisions. Also, we tend to pack A LOT into a short amount of time. A few years ago my husband and I spent 4 days in Paris. It was absolutely incredible and we did SO much and I loved the trip. When we got home I was talking to an acquaintance who goes to Paris regularly and she said we did more in 4 days than she’d do over a 10-day trip! So I think one of the reasons I don’t like planning is because of the sort of travelers we are (if that makes any sense)? We’re hit the ground running and go, go, go. I think a lot of this stems from my frugal nature and I also wonder: what if I never get back here. I WANTED to tick off the major items from my Paris bucket list, but that took a lot of planning. I just wish I liked the planning part more. I guess the trick is I need to find a way to reframe this task?

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      2. My family would probably never let me plan anything again if I tried to vacation like you but it once again proofs the point that everyone is different, doesn’t it? If we go to a big zoo or museum, we walk around and look at things but at some point it almost like the brain just took enough in for the day and shuts down and everyone gets tired and want to go home (what we usually do at that point to avoid general unhappyness). I usually try to plan for breaks and some free time for the unplanned and unexpected. That probably means that we miss some things but I am ok with that. I imagine planning a trip where you want to see as much as possible is more stressful but your Paris trip sounds awesome. Without the planning ahead you probably would not have done it all so it sounds like it was worth the time. I have not done a trip like that for a long time now because most of our vacations these days revolve around visiting family since it’s such a big trip. Hopefully some day again. For me looking at all the options of things we could do already feels like a little vacation from real life.


  3. The first time my parents visited me here in the US they were fascinated by the power lines. And by “fascinated”, I mean horrified. If I look at the power lines in our backyard that go to our duplex, I can’t help but shake my head and wonder who ever thought that setup was a good idea. It’s definitely causing a LOT of problems here in California.

    I think “Hochspannungsmasten” are still very common in Germany, but they’re HUGE, well-constructed, and outside of cities and all electric lines to homes and buildings are always underground. Not flimsy wooden poles like here.

    Re: your new year’s non-resolutions. You do you! I think it’s absolutely valid to NOT make resolutions and while I have been posting a “things I want to do”-list in recent years, I absolutely agree that ANY DAY is a good day to make a change in your life if you’re unhappy about how things are going. I definitely don’t wait until January, 1 to address those kinds of things!
    Kudos for starting running again. I am so happy to hear you enjoy it!


    1. Everyone who visits from Germany y is extremely puzzled and a bit concerned about the powerlines 😂
      I don’t register it as much anymore but yes, so many problems…
      When I was younger I hated running and honestly never thought I would enjoy it one day. It took me a while to get to the point and mostly started it because it’s so easy to do without having a set schedule. Now it’s like my body remembers that it’s something to like even if it’s hard after taking a break.


  4. I’m sorry to hear about the Covid, but glad that it wasn’t too severe a case. I love reading about resolutions, and I love the feeling of starting fresh that comes with January 1, but resolutions are something I am kind of wishy-washy with. I do think about things I want to do/accomplish, but I think of them in a more “this would be nice, let’s see if I want them enough to make them priorities” kind of way rather than set-in-stone goals.

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    1. In a way I feel similar but I also think that any day could be a new beginning. Why should it be Jamuary 1st. That day already is special by itself because it’s the 1st of the year- I think other days their 1sts, too. I have these “that would be nice” ideas quite often 😉


  5. I’m reading Atomic Habits right now by James Clear. He talks about the difference between “goals” and “habits.” It’s pretty interesting. I’m not that far into it but I think the idea is, instead of setting goals, work on your habits. Implementing good habits will eventually get you to where you want to be.
    It seems a lot of people have the same idea- take down most of the Christmas decorations but leave one thing- cards or snowflakes- to make it seem a little more cheerful. I hope you get a break from the rain!

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    1. That sounds like an interesting book and the idea sounds true to me. A lot of the standard goals people typically mention require the forming of habits (sleeping more, eating healthier, etc.). I would like to make exercise a habit and I have my good streaks but I have a hard time fitting it into my days with work, shuttling the kids, the pesky house duties, etc.
      Sometimes you want to let go of a habit though and that seems equally hard. When I was young I used to smoke and I tried a couple of times to stop. I am not sure why one day it suddenly worked but I am glad it did. Maybe it will be like that with exercise, too one day only the other way around.


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