Hi there,
My name is Meike and I moved to the United States from Germany  back in 2005. My other half is a scientist and wanted to do his post doctorate work in Berkeley, California Рhow could I refuse? It was meant as a five-year stay at the maximum but somehow we are still here. Life is what happens while you make other plans I guess.
We have a good life here, our kids were born here, we made friends and are quite settled in. But still I keep wondering what our life back “home” would look like and longing to return to where we came from – or something close to it. All the rest of our family is back in Europe, maybe a little more scattered than when we left but still. I think that is my main reason why I am homesick from time to time – now that we have children of our own more than ever.
Still wondering and trying to make sense of it all and enjoying life that happens on the way.

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